Sunday, November 5, 2017

An October we won’t soon forget...unfortunately

This whole October’s been one for the books
Not much on charm and certainly not looks

It started with a Vegas killing spree
and stopped with Manafort’s “Not guilty” plea

And in between we had the Weinstein mess
an avalanche of “me too’s” to depress

the sunniest of upbeat forward-lookers
and overwhelm those late night talk show bookers

Halperin, Besh, Savino and Toback
So many creeps, you reach for the Prozac

“Alleged” creeps (my bad) yet who can say
if this will be the start of a new day?

Kevin Spacey's reputation's hurting
Chickens home to roost, it's disconcerting

Is there a man with power in this land
who won't be mounting soon some witness stand?

The Dodgers won the Series, that was great!
Enough to make me wish for a Game Eight

Or did they lose, and have to hit the bricks?
(My deadline here was just after Game Six)

Some serious ball was played, that is for sure
But please let’s fix Justin Turner’s coiffeur

Trim the beard too, dude, please take my tip, sir
Your best look is not called “Brooklyn hipster”

The Northern California fires wrought Hell
Like Satan rang some cosmic dinner bell

Almost four dozen dead, dreams at an end
Who needs a gunman when you’ve got the wind?

In Spain the Catalonians took a leap
declaring independence, their odds steep

We’d crack down too if Florida tried to bail
(Well, maybe not, just raise a tall cocktail)

The Chargers and the Rams are less than stunning
Combine their wins and we'd be in the running

The L.A. Kings are having a heyday
(All due respect, I don't know where they play)

The Galaxy's win column's rather tiny
A burg like San Jose's kicking its hiney?!

Bring up the Lakers and you might provoke
upon your snoot a sudden, painful poke

This month took from us the great Tom Petty
He’s swathed, I hope, in cosmic confetti

The Reaper showed Fats Domino the door
Ain’t that a shame, he’ll rock and roll no more

A truck blast in Somalia killed scores
How quick we move on past now-common horrors

Even Halloween, that sweet dress-up day
Could not quite keep our real world pains at bay

By any measure, this month’s truly blown
I only hope we never see its clone

. . .

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