Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wa Wear

I design funny t-shirts and mugs. Mouse pads. Stickers. Magnets. Even pin-on buttons. These can be found at my store called Wry Tees. Also my store DNF Hound.

At Wry Tees, lots of the shirts have slogans which are writing-oriented, like "Ask me about gerunds!" and "Don't make me get out the red pencil." There are also "Gatsby" references, and "Moby Dick" quotes and a pic of Shakespeare in blue eye shadow which, if you are a theater geek like I am, you must go and snag right now. Or if you are like me, and putting things off is what makes you you, "Procrastinato, ergo sum" is the design for you.

For some reason, I also started coming up with a lot of funny designs for pregnant women and parents which sell really well. I guess women who are expecting develop a great sense of humor. So if you are pregnant or need a baby shower gift, you just found it. If the expectant mom you know has a sense of humor, you are all set. If she does not, get her a copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting," so she can scare the cr*p out of herself.

At DNF Hound, it's all about geocaching t-shirts and gifts. Like to be first-to-find a clever geocache cap? DNF Hound's the place. Don't know what geocaching is? Visit to learn all about the hobby. Then you will understand why my geocaching hazards design is funny. And my Star Wars/Altoids riff. And the one describing the top five warning signs you are obsessed with geocaching.

I am not going to say there is something for everybody at my shop. I hate that. But there is something for you. So go already, and help the world dress a little more amusingly.

. . .