Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Wa Pics - L.A. County Fair does not disappoint

What I love most about the Los Angeles County Fair is that you see things you just never see in normal life. For example...


Not wanting to be presumptuous, I asked him, "Your highness, may I get a photo?" I think he forgot he was not allowed to speak, because he grunted something and then caught himself. I do not know why he had a frog slave held captive in his crown, and I didn't ask. With royalty, there are certain things you just don't do.

Shave seven months off your life. You know you want to.


I do not know why this Native American was playing Scrabble.

Some people? ALL people find a chicken's behavior entertaining. I will fight anyone who disagrees.

Pimp hats 4 kidz.

Four words you will fall in love with: "plant based memory foam."

Hope nobody has an allergy to neon.

Fun House mirror gave me Nosferatu fingers!

 Pirate mannequins and zebras. Discuss.

 Why, for all your zebra needs, of course.

I guess the only other name choice for this donkey-zebra hybrid would have been "Debra." They made the right call.

Again, would anybody pay money to go see a "Hebra"?

Once again this year, we searched in vain for the giant cinnamon roll. A lady at the Information Desk told me that shop has been gone now a couple of years. But if you hear different, please let me know. The giant cinnamon roll is now my Sasquatch.

 . . .